Property Watch Program

Property Watch is a partnership with our community that focuses on assisting owners of commercial properties, businesses, and apartment complexes in curbing unwanted activity that occurs after business hours or when the owner or manager cannot be contacted.  Without explicit authority granted by the person in control of the property, officers are often unable to address non-crime related nuisance issues and some crimes, notably trespassing.  


The Property Watch program allows the person responsible for the property to sign an agreement partnering with this department and authorizes officers to act on the owner’s behalf when they are not there.  This is a free program that is renewed yearly.  The Community Resource Officer will be the main point of contact and once an agreement is approved, the CRO will meet with the representative and prominently post a Property Watch sign with the year so that officers can quickly and easily identify a participant property and take action to assist in keeping the property safe.

To join the Property Watch program - Click Here