Pay My Ticket

The majority of traffic citations may be paid without appearing in court using any of the following options.

Ticket payment options:

  1.  Online. To pay your ticket online using Express Bill Pay, you will need to enter the letter T, followed by the 2 digit
    year in which you received the ticket, a hyphen and then the complaint number which is located in the upper right-hand corner of your citation.
    • Example: For citation number 00000 received in 2015, you would enter T15-00000.
    • The City accepts VISA, MasterCard or Discover card.
  2. In person by cash, check or credit card at the utility payment counter in Brookings City Hall.
  3. By mail to:
    Brookings Municipal Court
    898 Elk Drive
    Brookings, OR 97415
    • Please be sure to include the complaint number and the date it was received on your check and any other
      correspondence you may have with the Court.

Note: Payments must be received before the court date that appears on the bottom of your citation to avoid a court appearance.

If you are unable to access your citation using the online option, it may be that your citation falls under one of the following categories:

Citations requiring a court appearance:

  • All Municipal Code violations, including citizen citations.
  • Citations for careless driving.
  • Any traffic offense committed by a juvenile (17 years old or younger).

For more information about paying your citation or appearing in court, go to the Brookings Municipal Court home page.