Municipal Court


The Brookings Municipal Court adjudicates traffic and City ordinance violations cited into court by the Brookings Police Department and City Code Enforcement staff.


Contact the Curry County Circuit Court in Gold Beach at 541-373-6894 for any of the following:

  • Traffic citations received after April 1977 and before June 2012
  • DUI and criminal misdemeanor citations received after April 1977
  • Traffic and criminal misdemeanor citations received before April 1997

Payment Information

The presumptive fine listed on the citation may be paid by cash, check or credit card. Go to the Pay My Ticket page for details about your ticket payment options. Some citations may require a personal appearance in court. 


Plea Options

  • No Contest: When you enter a plea of no contest, you waive your right to a court trial and indicate that you agree to the penalties for your offense
  • Not Guilty: If your intention is to enter a plea of not guilty, the judge will not hear any evidence at the initial traffic court appearance. The case will need to be set for a court trial when the officer will be present. The violations clerk will refer the file to calendaring to be set for a court trial. You will receive notice of the trial date in the mail. At the trial you will be able to give any evidence you have and call any witnesses you have.


To receive an extension on your appearance date, you will need to contact the court clerk to see if you qualify.

Trial by Affidavit or Telephone

Brookings Municipal Court allows individuals who wish to plead not guilty to request a trial by affidavit or by telephone. You may be eligible for a trial by affidavit or telephone if:

  • You reside out of state or over 50 miles from Brookings, OR
  • You have a medical reason and are unable to attend court
  • You have employment obligations and are unable to attend court

You must submit your not guilty plea and reason for requesting a trial by affidavit or telephone in writing 14 days prior to your arraignment date to appear in court. You must have a current phone number and address on your request so the court clerk may reach you with any information the court may need to process your affidavit.

By filing an affidavit, you are giving up your right to present oral testimony in court at trial. You are giving up your right to question or cross-examine the police officer and other witnesses. The Judge will make a decision on your case based entirely on the testimony and evidence presented by you and by the written or oral testimony and evidence presented by the police officer.

If you need to file a trial by affidavit or telephone or need more information please contact the Brookings Municipal Court Clerk at 541-469-1114.

Failure to Appear

If you do not appear on or before your scheduled appearance date, the court clerk will enter a default judgment, which means you will be found guilty. The entire base fine will be doubled, additional mandatory court costs will be added, and your driver's license will be suspended.

Paying Your Fine

Your fine is due and payable on the date the judgment is entered. If you are not able to pay the fine in full, the court can set a monthly payment schedule. If a payment schedule is added, the court is required to add an additional Account Administration Fee. This fee is based on the total fine amount per case. 

Failure to Pay Your Fines

If you do not pay your fine or make your monthly payments on time, the City may refer your account to a collection agency for collection. You will then be required to pay the cost of collections. The court may also set a hearing to consider a Contempt of Court Judgment for failure to pay a court-ordered fine or civil judgment. 


 Wedding Ceremonies are performed at the Judge's discretion, and must be scheduled in advance. 

Couples should provide their own witnesses (two age 18 or older) for the ceremony, provide a government issued photo ID, and obtain their marriage license at least three days prior to the wedding ceremony (LINK TO CURRY COUNTY WEBSITE)

  • ORS 106.120 (4)(a) requires the payment of a $117 fee for all marriages performed at City Hall. A request for fee waiver may be submitted to the Court. 
  • In addition to the $117 fee, the judge may charge a $100 fee. 
  • Fees for marriages performed at locations other than City Hall or on non-court days are negotiable with the Judge.
  • No "in-custody" weddings.

For additional information or to schedule a wedding, call 541-469-1114

**** The judge only interacts with defendants, witnesses and prosecutors during court sessions. Do not attempt to contact the Judge regarding your case at any other time.