Municipal Code

About the Code

The Brookings Municipal Code (BMC) is a codification of legislation adopted by the Brookings City Council through its ordinances and augments the City of Brookings Charter of 1993, which it also contains.

Similar to a constitution, the City Charter defines how the city government should operate. It is the one document the City uses which can be amended only by a vote of the people. Originally adopted in 1954, three years after the City's incorporation, the Charter was last amended and re-adopted in 1993. The City Charter grants the City certain powers, subjects it to certain restrictions, and provides certain procedures and governmental structure.

Notice & Disclaimer

Use of the online version of the Brookings Municipal Code is dependent upon the following notice and disclaimer.


Although every effort is made to assure the accuracy of the material available in the online code, it is not an official record. The online code is compiled from ordinances adopted through the legislative process, the signed originals of which are stored in a secure location. These documents represent the official record from which the Brookings Municipal Code is created.

Minor changes and/or corrections may be made during the codification process, or information may be inadvertently changed or missed. City staff and the contracted codifiers have the authority to make minor corrections due to scrivener errors, and therefore, from time to time, there may be minor differences between the original document and the electronic version of the code. The reader is advised that, in case of any conflict, the original ordinance will be held to be official and controlling document. Inquiries and requests for copies of "official" version of ordinances may be requested using a Public Records Request from the City Recorder.


The City of Brookings believes that the Brookings Municipal Code is current and accurate. However, all warranties and guarantees of accuracy are hereby expressly disclaimed. Neither the City of Brookings, nor any of its agents, contractors, or employees, shall be liable for any loss, cost, expense, or liability of any kind arising from the use of this material. The code is assembled from files kept on various mainframes and personal computers.

There may be errors in the source files or resulting from file transfers. The assistance of any reader in identifying apparent errors will be appreciated. Please contact the City Recorder.